How to Become a Student at Cornell University: Admissions Tips and Requirements

Gaining Admission to Cornell: Tips and Requirements

Table of Contents

  1. Requirements to Get Into Cornell University
  2. What Kind of Students Does Cornell Look For?
  3. Do You Need Straight A’s to Get into Cornell?
  4. How Hard is it to Get into Cornell?

Requirements to Get Into Cornell University

Cornell University is a highly selective institution, meaning it only accepts a limited number of applicants each year. To be considered for acceptance, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent, submit a college admissions application, and complete an SAT or ACT exam.

In addition to these basic admissions requirements, applicants must provide two additional pieces of information: a writing sample and two letters of recommendation from teachers and/or counselors. Finally, all candidates must submit an official secondary school record.

What Kind of Students Does Cornell Look For?

Cornell looks for students who are highly motivated and have the potential to be successful in college. The university encourages applications from students who have a wide range of interests and experiences, who are inquisitive and passionate about learning, and who demonstrate a commitment to service and leadership. The admissions committee also looks for students who have the ability to think, communicate, and collaborate effectively, and who have the potential to contribute to the university’s diverse, international community.

Do You Need Straight A’s to Get into Cornell?

Though a strong grade point average (GPA) is important for admissions, it is not the only factor that the admissions committee considers. The admissions committee looks for a well-rounded student who is involved in extracurricular activities, has strong leadership qualities, and demonstrates a passion for learning.

How Hard is it to Get into Cornell?

Admission to Cornell is very competitive. In 2019, Cornell University admitted 10.6% of applicants. It is important to remember that admissions decisions are based on an individual’s entire record, not just a single component such as GPA or test scores. As with any college admissions process, the best way to increase your chances of admission is to strive to be the best applicant possible.

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